This year, 2018, the Community Association of Halls Gap with the support of the Wimmera Catchment Management Authority is again running the Grampians Wildflower Show in Halls Gap to celebrate the wonderful flowers of our Grampians Gariwerd National Park and nearby forests.

We shall concentrate on showing visitors the flowers in their natural setting. However there will also be a great display of named flowers in the Visitor Information Centre, with experts available to help identify flowers. We also will have a display of plants used by local indigenous people for food and other purposes, plus works from our artists, photographer John Tiddy and renowned textile artist Lynn Stone. Lynn will be on site to explain and demonstrate how she achieves her lifelike flowers.

The 80th Grampians Wildflower Show will be over the last weekend of September – Saturday 29th from 9.30 am to 5pm and on Sunday 30th from 9.30am to 4pm. Please note the change in dates to the last weekend in September (a long weekend) rather than the first weekend in October.

There will be regular guided walks through the Grampians Flora Botanic Garden, including an early morning bird walk on Sunday. We will also continue to sell our self-guided drive and walks guides and will run a couple of tag along “Orchids and other wildflowers” tours further afield. The entry charge will be $2, which covers the entry to the display and the garden walks. There is also a charge of $2 for the printed guides, and of $5 per head for the tag along tours.

So do come to our lovely village in springtime, enjoy the displays, join us on one of our walks or tours. Information on all the above can be obtained at the Visitor Information Centre in Halls Gap and further details will be uploaded closer to the event.

Our change of weekend means it is no longer the same weekend that nearby Pomonal will be holding its Native Flower Show, a colourful display of many Australian Natives from all over the country. While we show off our local indigenous unimproved flora, they show and sell Australian plants bred for the home garden. These two weekends make for a great week’s break in the Grampians Gariwerd.

Event Description

With a wealth of flowering native plants in the Grampians, our aim
over the two days is to help you find, identify and enjoy as
many as possible and what better place to do this than in
the Grampians Flora Botanic Garden off School Road? Tours will
start from our displays at the Visitor Information Centre in Halls Gap’s main
street and be led by one of our knowledgeable volunteers. Inside the
hall you will find a display of flowers picked under strict permit
conditions as well as more resources  to assist you in getting
to know more about “the garden of Victoria” as it was once
called by Baron Von Mueller, the first Director of the Melbourne
Botanic Garden.

Information on the guided walks, on self guided walks and drives
and tag-along destinations will also be available from the main
desk in the Visitor Information Centre which is open from 9am to 5pm
each day.

Event Details

More information to come closer to the date.

Self-guided drive and walk notes will be available from the Grampians Wildflower Walkabout desk and from the Grampians Tourist Information Centre  at a cost of $2 per sheet.

A number of small, relevant displays can be seen at The Hub.