Each spring the Halls Gap community stages an exhibition to celebrate the beauty and diversity of one of Victoria’s largest and most botanically diverse national parks – an area described by the eminent 19th century botanist Ferdinand von Mueller as “the garden of Victoria”.

The rugged sandstone escarpments with their bizarre rock formations, the gentle slopes on the western side of the ranges and the low-lying areas between and around the ranges support different plant communities. Vegetation varies from sub-alpine communities to mountain forest to open woodland to heathland and swamps. About one third of Victoria’s indigenous flora can be found in the Grampians and about 20 species are found nowhere else.

The plants we have on show come from a number of reliable sources. We have a permit from the Department of  Environment, Land, Water and planning (DELWP)  and overseen by our local parks Victoria office, to collect from the wild cuttings from plants that are not on any of the restricted lists. Owners of natural bush blocks also allow us to collect carefully from their properties. The native nurseries and members of the Australian Plant Society (APS) at Pomonal provide us with plants they grow. With support from DELWP, Parks Victoria, APS and others we also have our own Botanic Garden of Grampians Flora from which we can collect some of the rarer plants.